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Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Forging Partnerships

PartnershipIn the final Blog entry of 2010, I wrote of the increasing importance of ‘forging collaborations and working together’. This month provides two opportunities for us all to make progress with that, through responding to the Consultation on a Sector Reference Group and attendance at the Partnership Assembly, which can be found on the Consultations and Events pages of this site respectively.

One of the key reasons for forming the Reference Group is to provide a coherent, informed and representative voice for our sector, so that when one of our representatives attends a partnership meeting they can speak effectively on our behalf and report back on matters, especially potential opportunities, that will be of interest to us. I ask you to take the time to respond to this questionnaire and help us all make this Group truly representative and really effective.

The Annual Assembly of the Solihull Partnership is a terrific networking opportunity as well as an informative event. Time is built into the agenda for attendees to meet each other and discuss how organisations can support each other and work together. The Solihull Partnership is about serving our communities more effectively by working together rather than in isolation and we need to be table. Again, I urge you to look at the further detail on our Events page and consider attending.

Meanwhile, the consultation refers to our representatives ‘who sit on Partnership Boards’. Not everyone will know who they are, so here is the current list:

  • Children and Young Peoples Trust – Janet Down, SoLO
  • Healthier Communities – Martin Wright, Enable
  • Prosperous Communities – Janet Johnson, SUSTAiN
  • Safer Communities – Joanne Mackinnon, Welcome
  • Stronger Communities – Dave Pinwell, SUSTAiN
  • Adult Safeguarding – David Williams, Solihull Care
  • Child Safeguarding – Claire Milican, SUSTAiN

The Reference Group will be setting up improved channels of communications between these representatives and the rest of the sector.

Dave Pinwell, CEO Colebridge Trust & SUSTAiN