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Friday, June 17th, 2011

Legal Update – Equality

More from legal expert Sandy Adirondack on Equality cases

  • Catholic Care adoption agency appeals again to change its objects to allow it to provide services only to heterosexual adopters.More
  • Employment tribunal confirms that a belief in animal rights can be a protected belief and another tribunal says a belief in public sector broadcasting can also be protected. More
  • EAT says it is not unlawful, in this particular case, to require a Muslim employee to work during Friday lunchtime rather than being able to take time off to attend prayers. More
  • Follow-up on homophobic banter case – employee held not to have been harassed, because he also acted offensively. More
  • Pregnancy gossip can be discrimination and harassment. More
  • Government Equalities Office short guide on health and disability questions during recruitment. More
  • It’s now too late for an employer to make an employee retire because of their age, unless the retirement can be objectively justified. More
  • New edition of joint CIPD/TUC guidance on managing age in the workplace. More
  • Dual discrimination provision will not be implemented. More
  • The government is going to consult on removing the provision that employers should take reasonable steps to stop harassment by third parties (customers, clients, contractors etc) when it’s happened twice or more and the employer knows about it. More
  • From 6 April, an employer can in some circumstances give preference in recruitment or promotion to a person with a ‘protected characteristic’ if two candidates are equally well qualified. More
  • Organisations which receive public sector funding or contracts (Inc Voluntary Sector) are likely to have to comply with aspects of the public sector duty as part of their grant or contract conditions.  More
  • Compromise agreements may not be valid in relation to discrimination claims. More