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Friday, June 17th, 2011

What Others Can Learn From The VCS

Peter Drucker, the man known as the ‘Father of modern management & marketing’, one wrote:

The best nonprofits devote a great deal of thought to defining their organization’s mission. They avoid sweeping statements full of good intentions and focus, instead, on objectives that have clear-cut implications for the work their members perform—staff and volunteers both.

The Salvation Army’s goal, for example, is to turn society’s rejects into citizens – and they do it very well.

The Girl Guides & Scouts help youngsters become confident, capable young people who respect themselves and other people.

Nonprofits start and end with the community – in other words – the “customer”; they do not, as businesses and the public sector tend to do, start with the inside, that is, with the organisation or with some variation of financial return.”

He wrote that in 1989.

What he was refering to was the devotion that many Voluntary & Community organisation put into making things better (aka “delivering positive outcomes”) for their service users. In business speak, its called excellent Customer Service – something all corporate organisations talk about but very few do well. Voluntary & Community groups seldom talk about it; they just do it.