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Friday, May 25th, 2012

24 May 2012 Meeting

Early Intervention
Consultations and workshops have been held to look at how families can be supported from an early stage to prevent potential problems escalating. CYPT have a lead on driving this agenda forward and it is still a “work in progress”. There is a recognition that peer support as well as multi agency working is essential and three strands have been identified –universal support, pre-birth – 5 years, and at any other stage where pressure builds.
Feedback requested (please send via on any comments/ideas of what needs to be included in a plan, and how will we know it is working?

Early help & LINCS
Previously the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board were only involved with families at the stage where issues were already apparent, but The Munro report, Government response and a statutory requirement have changed this and it is now becoming more interested in the very early stages of problems arising.

It is recognised that there is a reluctance to take on the lead professional role in the LINCS (Local Integrated Needs-led Co-ordinated Support) process due to capacity issues, and that the sharing of information between services is limited. More awareness of the LINCS process is required.

For more info including free training see or ring the team on 0121 788 4334.

Response to Riots, Communities & Victims panel
Solihull did not suffer from the riots last summer, but this was only because of partnership working and preventative policing. The themes emerging from the recommendations of the panel: Children& parents, Building personal resilience, Hopes & Dreams, Brands, Usual Suspects,

Police & the public, Community engagement & Cohesion.
The VCS has a strong role in taking some of the suggestions forward. I brought up the value of volunteering both for the young people themselves, and community groups to be sustainable. I mentioned that The Trust should consider how those youngsters who may be disaffected or not have the “where with all” to secure a volunteering position could be supported and encouraged, and that there should be some sort of formal recognition and accreditation for volunteers.
The Victims panel also recommended that Local Authorities maximise the availability of buildings, facilities and equipment for local youth groups, and ensure young people have access to services at weekends and school holidays.
This is good news for the community and voluntary sector and I will be discussing these points with Shelley Ward.

Sharpe System
The police have instigated a pilot @ Smithswood school using a web based system that enables children to report things anonymously such as gang related issues and cyber bullying.

Scrutiny report on Young Carers
The report was presented by Councillor Rebeiro and identified that all partners working with families need to identify young carers and signpost to support services. In order to do this there needs to be training and awareness for services. The Directors for Children’s, and Adults Services must work in conjunction with the Solihull Young Carers Service to ensure that the transitions arrangements for young carers towards becoming young adult carers can be managed effectively and there is sufficient and tailored support for young adult carers aged 18-25. There should be a commitment from the People Directorate to using all the available resources in providing support to the Young Carers Service.