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Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Health and Wellbeing Board – 12th June 2012

A report from Anne Hastings from the … Solihull Shadow Health and Wellbeing Board – 12th June 2012

Wider Interest Discussed

Development of an integrated Solihull Health Protection Function

Dr Sibal presented the proposals to develop an Integrated Health Protection function for Solihull during the transition period of the Health and Social Care Bill and beyond. It was noted that while different agencies had the capacity to predict and react to Health Protection incidences, the Health and Wellbeing Board wished for a shift toward predicting and preventing such incidences.

Clinical Commissioning Group Update

Dr Chitnis updated the Board on the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and reported that they had defined the staffing structure and were in the process of consulting with relevant staff members. They are currently advertising for the key appointments to the governing body, and developing Integrated Commissioning. Priorities for the CCG include Frailty, Urgent Care and Mental Health. The Solihull CCG wishes to be known as Solihull Health and this request was supported by the Board but it may be rejected by MHS branding.

Local Healthwatch development in Solihull

The Partnership and Performance Officer presented the report on the development of Healthwatch in Solihull. The Board were keen to ensure that the person identified as the representative to the Board from Healthwatch should communicate the views of local people and contribute to the development of the JSNA and the Health and Wellbeing strategy rather than undertaking a scrutiny role. Concerns were aired about the amount of funding available for Healthwatch in Solihull and whether this would attract the right caliber of staff especially now that there would be no host to support them.

Communications and Engagement

The Senior Communications Specialist presented the current context for communications and engagement in the present climate of increased demand for services, limited capacity as well as the need to increase efficiency and embrace different ways of working. They are therefore looking at working more closely with partners to look at communicating together via one voice with staff, service users and other day stakeholders and working with other Local Authorities such as Coventry and Warwickshire on big impact campaigns. Their priority at the moment is to establish robust internal communications with employees and ensure that they are signed up to the aims of the CCG before going out the wider public. Partnership Forums and Neighbourhood Groups were noted as effective mechanisms to engage with local people.

Fuel Poverty and excess winter deaths

The Head of Health and Wellbeing and the Energy Conservation Officer presented an update on the work being undertaken in Solihull to reduce fuel poverty and excess winter deaths. Much of this work is done in partnership with the third sector, but there were concerns about the sustainability of this as there was no dedicated funding in place.

Potential Follow Up Action/Discussion

Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group is in the process of seeking authorization as a statutory NHS body from next April and third sector organizations as key partners and stakeholders will be asked to support the authorization by taking part in the stakeholder survey which will allow the future NHS Commission Board to assess whether the relationships forged during the transition with stakeholders are likely to provide a sufficient basis for effective commissioning.