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Thursday, September 13th, 2012

13th September 2012 Meeting

Draft Children and Young People’s Plan.

The draft Children and Young People’s plan 2013 was discussed, the priorities are: Early help, support for parents, safe from harm, building aspirations, and healthy childhoods. Suggestions were made that there needed to be more reference to disability, victims of crime and domestic abuse, improving the method of measuring success of the plan, and I stressed the importance of volunteering opportunities, and participation in  out of school clubs under the building aspirations item. The plan is going to be made more interesting and powerful using a tool called “Information is beautiful” and will be cascaded around stakeholders for consultation following amendments resulting for this meeting.

Raising participation age/youth employment.

LAs have a statutory obligation to assist, encourage and enable young people 13-19 (25 with LD) to participate in education or training. This includes volunteering placements of 20 hours or more per week – Voluntary and Community sector could benefit from this.

Current local and national statistics were considered and a draft action plan for SMBC discussed. There is a National Skills Show at the NEC 15th-17th November which will show case the work of students, education and training providers, and employers. Also an apprenticeship exhibition is due to take place in Solihull on 13th March 2013.

The board agreed to support a task and finish group, and research into good practice being carried out, and perusal of funding from Local Enterprise partnership.

Parenting Programme

Carol Andrew presented a business case to the board outlining historical data and possible options for future parent programmes including funding implications.

A menu of different training is recommended to include basic information for all parents, group sessions on “Understanding Your Child’s behaviour”, Specialist support for those families with complex needs (Looking for an alternative to the Mellow parenting programme).

It was noted that HEFT are funded to provide part of this service, council funding is through the CAMHS grant, and there are contributions from schools and other partners. This work will link closely with Troubled Families agenda.

Board members agreed that parents would engage more if peer facilitators were used.

Karen Murphy will take the proposals to the Clinical Commissioning Group and Joint Commissioning Board.

Play Strategy

A report about the adventure play ground and delivering of play services was presented to the board. There is a request for other partners from the CYPT Board to join the steering group for the playground. The aim is to support the setting to become independent with wider community involvement and a voluntary workforce. Funding models are being devised.

The playground was primarily constructed through Bog Lottery money in 2008, it is in an enclosed area which is staffed when open which is 3 evenings and Saturdays.

I stated that a volunteering group would be ideal, perhaps involving young people who previously accessed the playground and I suggested they may want to contact Maureen Shepherd, SUSTAiN’s Volunteer Co-ordinator.

Measuring happiness

Chris Palmer asked the Board to consider if we should run a survey on childhood happiness inSolihull. It was decided that whilst a survey would not be carried out at this time, members consider the Ofsted report on Measuring happiness in the context of their own service.