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Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Health and Well being board – Tuesday 4th September

A report from Joanne MacKinnon – Shadow Health and Well being board – Tuesday 4thSeptember

Key Points of Wider Interest Discussed:

Solihull Joint Health and Well Being strategy 2012-15

This was brought for consultation. Stephen Mundi wanted feedback on how it was set out, content and any important gaps.  1 comment that Older people should be high on the list of priorities. 1 comment that terminology should be checked to ensure it is not too full of jargon and in line with crystal mark plain English. The document is going wider for consultation to scrutiny board, CCG, voluntary sector and community forums

Action on children and young peoples emotional well being and mental health strategy

Key issues

The Change makers initiative a project to tackle mental health stigma  has led the development of a resource pack and mobile phone application which are now being used in schools. An event is being organised in September to showcase the application

Targeted mental health in Schools initiative (TaMHS) funding ended in 2011. Solihull is working withWarwickshireCountycouncil to develop a framework agreement for a number of providers to deliver evidenced based mental health interventions in schools. This links to the health and well being strategy in terms of providing a menu for schools to support the emotional and mental health needs of pupils and builds on legacy of TaMHS.

Cluster frailty-Service redesign proposals

The Strategic lead provided and update and actions will be brought to future meetings. 5 sub groups are Dementia, End of life, generic frailty, stroke and integrated care.Business cases are being presented in tranches.

The first tranche was for:

  • Falls and fractures
  • Extension to memory assessment service
  • Complete palliative care
  • Central care record.

The second tranche was for:

  • Care homes
  • Integrated primary and community teams
  • Specialist support
  • Dementia

 Pharmaceutical Needs assessment (PNA)

Parveen Baden, Community Pharmacy Development Manager made a presentation concerning the needs assessment which will come under HWBB from April 2013. She outlined at this point due to PNA regulations it will be reviewed/rewritten. Pharmaceutical provision is mapped against the needs of the population and gaps identified.

CCG’s Communications and Engagement strategy

This is being developed and they wish to promote the use of a best practice commissioning cycle whereby they would look to engage the public at every stage of the commissioning cycle.  Current engagement activities include:

  • A ‘choose well’ event to inform the public of what services to use if they fall sick;
  • Stroke patient groups – to help stroke victims build confidence and life skills;
  • CAB’s to help engage and inform the public.