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Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Confirm and Challenge meeting – Safeguarding Boards – 1st October 2012

Potential Follow Up Action/Discussion/Feedback Required:

We need to assure ourselves that voluntary organisations and, in particular, the small community groups are going to receive the appropriate level of support for safeguarding in the future.

Key Points of Wider Interest Discussed:

Solihull Partnership Board Members met with the Chair and lead officer from both the Childrens and Adults Safeguarding Boards.

The purpose of the meeting was to ask questions of the chairs and the lead officers to assure the members of the Solihull Partnership Board that children and vulnerable adults were being safeguarded within Solihull.

A robust and thorough questioning process was undertaken and issues were challenged as follows:

  • Ensuring full attendance at the board from all partners
  • Assurance regarding transfer of adult social care to SMBC from Care Trust not being a risk to adult safeguarding
  • Information sharing across agencies
  • The progress of securing an independent chair for the LSCB
  • Capacity and competencies of front line staff
  • Adequate resourcing
  • Training

Career Academy

Working with a small group of BTEC students to increase their chances of employment. Asking for organisations who would be prepared to ‘mentor’ and offer 6 week internships.

Performance Measurement
Considered a model for the board to track performance on the key priorities.

Troubled Families
15 families have been shortlisted to receive support, although initially 5 will be worked with. Requested a representative from the voluntary sector on the board – this will be discussed at the next Strategic Reference Group meeting in June.

Armed Forces Covenant
Support was gained from the board to sign up to this.

Increased demand on Advice agencies
Following changes to benefits – this was highlighted, particularly in relation to capacity from organisations such as (but no exclusively) CAB and DIAL.