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Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Report from 13 November 2012 meeting

Deb Jones from Solihull Life Opportunities attended this meeting

Feedback Required:

Deb would like to know numbers interested in attending a training session on Child Sexual exploitation, and preferred timing.

Key Points of Wider Interest Discussed:

Child Sexual Exploitation – There has been a low up take for the training on offer through LSCB. I suggested that for the VCS an evening or weekend  may be preferable. In response I have been asked to gauge interest and availability for this training.

Domestic Violence – Barnardo’s have devised a matrix to support the workforce to better exercise professional judgement in respect to the needs of children and young people. A discussion was held over whether it would be preferable to have Barnado’s deliver multi-agency training or use a “Train the Trainer” approach. It was agreed that in the first instance, Barnardo’s will be deployed with a view that over time internal trainers will take over. This may be an opportunity for third sector.

Chronologies – Solihull is to run a pilot to test the effectiveness of chronologies which gather significant events in a child’s life. All agencies involved with a child for whom there is a child protection concern would contribute to such a chronology. For the purposes of the pilot it is suggested that the next 20 Section 47 (Child Protection) cases and next 10 LINCs plan cases are used as test cases.

Solihull Families First Approach –  A paper regarding this approach for families facing multiple problems was discussed with consideration to Safeguarding. The vision is “changing the way we work with families to help empower them to live within their communities”. A Family Recovery service will include Family Facilitators seconded from other agencies with specific expertise, and Family Workers some of whom may be recruited from the VCS.

Child Death Reviews –  It was identified that some GPs are not aware of the review process. Numbers of child deaths in Solihull remain low. Nationally the majority of cases are neo-natal.

Child Protection Review report – There is an increase in the number of cases identified as emotional abuse, this is partly due to the increased activity to respond to children living in households of Domestic Violence. Low numbers of physical and sexual abuse cases.

Date of Next Meeting: 31ST January 2013

Previous Report

  • An update on the Safeguarding review team action plan. – There had been concerns about the functioning of the safeguarding review team. An interim manager has been appointed and work roles reviewed. This has resulted in some reviewing officers leaving the service. The interim head provided the meeting with some statistics but was unable to analyse them fully due to inaccuracies and inconsistencies. There were some major differences in some of the datasets provided, where figures didn’t add up. Some concerns were expressed at the lack of progress in understanding the shape of safeguarding concerns in the borough and urgent work needed to be done to rectify this.
  • The board has decided to commission a Safeguarding Peer Review. The purpose is to learn from an Ofsted like review of how systems are working in Solihull. In order to do this there will be a number of activities including a questionnaire and a review of a selection of case files. The Board is looking for named individuals to take part in the online questionnaire from agencies where children’s safeguarding is an issue.