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Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Report from 12 March 2013 meeting

Potential Follow Up Action/Discussion/Feedback Required:

  • The need for a level 2 Training & Development Officer has been identified within the 3rd sector. Commitment would be to receive training from LSCB and deliver this to 3rd sector delegates over a 2 day training course.  If your organisation is interested and has capacity please contact Alice Singleton
  • LSCB is also looking to run a workshop around “Managing Allegations Against Staff” specifically for the VCS.
  • An excellent training resource was identified at  VCS organisations are advised to visit for a wealth of support around child safeguarding.
  • Workforce Safeguarding Survey results can be downloaded here.

Workforce Safeguarding Survey
Report of the Findings of LSCB Workforce Safeguarding Survey May – July 2012

  • If your organisation has a training need around s17 Child in Need referrals, the need to act without parental consent in child protection matters, and processes for escalating concerns if not addressed by another professional please contact Alice Singleton at

Key Points of Wider Interest Discussed:

  • Multi agency training priorities for the LSCB were discussed as was evaluation of impact of training.
  • An evaluation survey of the impact of level 2 and refresher level 2 training was discussed.  This confirms that those who attend safeguarding training find it extremely beneficial and prepared them should the need to attend as a DMS at a Child Protection Conference arise.
  • Workforce Safeguarding Survey was presented.  This raised issues concerning s17 child in need referrals.
  • An Independent Chair of LSCB has yet to be appointed.  The post will be re-advertised.