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Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Solihull Partnership Board Meeting 11th March, 2013

Wider Interest Discussed

Presentation on Counter Terrorism

Solihull is recognized as a low risk area, however, partners were encouraged to be vigilant and raise any concerns of unexplained behaviour.

Safeguarding Boards

Reports were presented from the Adult and Children’s Safeguarding Boards. There have been some issues regarding delivery and input from certain agencies to deliver on agreed shared priorities. These are being pro-actively pursued. There was a very positive report on the involvement of the new Voluntary Sector Representative at the Children’s Safeguarding Board who was making a very positive contribution. Generally, very happy with the overall contribution made by the Voluntary Sector, although there were concerns about specific partner commitment. Some discussion on the gaps identified in delivering level 1 safeguarding training for voluntary sector organisations and also concerns were raised about not investing into the audit of the third sector.

Involved and Inclusive Priorities Progress Update/Connecting Communities C2 project

A report was received on activities and particular attention was given to a new project working in the North of the borough – a SMBC/CCG partnership which was working well at grassroots level, engaging local communities to help themselves.

Families First

This project is going well, with the target number of families being engaged with, despite a later start due to delay on staff recruitment. Too early to tell if the scheme will release monies from reduced activity in partner agencies, but the scheme in Solihull has been commended from a national perspective.

Potential Follow Up Action/Discussion

Need to watch this space with regards to investment in the third sector with regards to safeguarding training.