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Friday, April 5th, 2013

North Solihull Community Facebook

North Solihull Community FacebookThere is a new Facebook group that has just been set up that is about voicing your opinions on what you feel is needed in North Solihull. Anything from children and adult activities to services that you feel are needed, to employment issues. Any concerns such as areas that you feel are not safe or that may be intimidating then North Solihull Community Forum is the place to voice it.

The site is where you can make your opinions heard.

If you are looking for a way to get more involved in your community and you live in North Solihull then this site will be the place to go. If you would like to get involved with anything from a mothers support groups or a resident led community group which is dedicated to improving their area then get in touch. Or if you are or know of local young people who would be interested in a joining a youth forum. Youth Forums are for younger members of the community to come together and look at what they feel are the likes and dislikes in the community. From this they can sit down and look at ways they can improve the area. The youth group will build an action plan to show what issues they would like to target. The group will also work with resident led community groups where possible. This gives members a way to socialise and do something fun with others who are like minded.

The youth forum and community led groups can also discuss what activities, facilities, or workshops which they feel are needed in the area. If people feel there are no football classes, art classes, or activities for the elderly or disabled then people can voice their thoughts through the website or/and through youth forums and community led groups. The Community Organiser will support the groups and help them put the plans together including the funding bids to financially support these projects if possible.

If you would like to find out further details please contact Theo Thompson the Community Organiser on 07500 081 217 or by email