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Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Report from 25 April Meeting

Nasheima Sheikh from BSWAID attended as the VCS this meeting

Police & Crime commissioner Bob Jones attended and explained his work to date.  He has held a number of summits such as the Victims, Youth and Business Sector summits and the learning from each.  He also outlined his request for local Boards to have more community representation.  He introduced Faye Abbott, Assistant PCC who will be liaising more actively with Solihull.

Draft Annual strategic assessment progress in Solihull has been very good with 1852 fewer victims of crime an 269 fewer victims of burglary. This has been achieved by working more closely with the community.  Priorities for the partnership will be focus on the community, place, the victim and most vulnerable and the offender.

Local Police & Crime Boards Discussion paper –  the meeting discussed possible options for the transformation of the Community Safety Partnership into a Police & Crime Board.  Option 1, with a larger executive Board and the addition of a youth representative was the preferred option. Beneath the Board would be 4 commissioning groups and 5 operational delivery groups.Terms of reference are to be developed. It was agreed to retain the Safer current name for continuity purposes.

Quater 4 performance report – progress good; focus on reducing the fear of crime going forward.

Domestic abuse commissioning report – progress has been very good since the appointment of the DA Co-ordinator and more effective working of the DA Priority Group.