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Friday, May 17th, 2013

16th May 2013 Meeting

LSCB Bi-annual report

Marion Davies (from Warwickshire) has been appointed as independent chair.

The DfE has issued a revised edition of Working Together (2013) which now includes “Early Help”. The LSCB will be defining thresholds for all levels of support for different needs.

An audit highlighted the challenge of identifying suitable educational provision for children with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties linked to Autism. A bid has been put in for 25 new places at Hazel Oak School and centres will be created at other schools in the Borough –possibly Lyndon, Lode Heath and Windy Arbor.

SEN statements are being replaced by a single plan encompassing Education, health and social care.

Trust Board report & Action Plan

The priorities have been reduced/combined into 3 which are:

  1. Early help, the best start in life – to help families at the earliest point, improving children and young people’s life chances and reducing demand for crisis services
  2. Safe from harm – To keep vulnerable children safe and prevent harm
  3. Building aspiration – To support children and YP to develop skills and attitudes which allow them to play a full part in community life.

E-safety and Child Sexual exploitation are key areas of focus, and supporting parents – community parents groups have been successful in the north of the borough and within the action plan there is an aim to establish more such groups.

I was commented that it was disappointing that volunteering with accredited training has not been given much emphasis in relation to raising the participation age.

The Challenge Network

A presentation was made by this charity which offers two programmes for young people from different backgrounds involving personal and team challenges. They have supported various charity events in the past both by fundraising and offering “hands on” help. For more details see

Date of Next Meeting: 11th July 2013