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Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

Solihull Partnership Board Meeting – 15 July 2013

Janet Down from SoLO attended as sector representative

Potential Follow Up Action/Discussion

Action against poverty – any group wishing to be involved in the Champions Group should make contact with Dave Pinwell at SUSTAiN.

Partnership Assembly – anyone who has an idea of a speaker around the theme Connecting Communities, contact Melane Lockey

Key points of wider interest discussed

New chair – Diana Holl-Allen, Cabinet lead for Community Cohesion and Partnership was voted in as the new chair of the Partnership Board.

Action against poverty – new benefits cap starts from 16th July – 49 families in Solihull are affected. A new community kitchen will be started in Meriden providing soup, toast etc. to young people and children who are turning up hungry. A Champions Group has been started and they would welcome voluntary sector involvement. Concerns were raised about tightening of criteria for foodbanks.

Family First Progress Update – Solihull are taking part in a national evaluation. A New Programme Manager has been appointed. Currently discussing data sharing across agencies. 17 families are currently on programme and results are being evaluated.

Partnership Assembly – last years was reviewed and they discussed the future event in 2014. Considered the theme ‘Connecting Communities’ and discussed ideas for speakers – would like to have a high profile person to draw people in.

M42 Economical Gateway Presentation – this focused on the growth agenda for Solihull

Domestic Abuse Funding Discussion – lively discussion on where the funding will be drawn from for future provision. No conclusion reached.

Date of next meeting – 9 September