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Thursday, September 26th, 2013

26th September 2013 Meeting

Art of being brilliant – the Arden Pupils and the Park Hall Pupils presented on the pilot scheme they had been involved with – it was very inspiring, although there was some questions raised about how they maintain the sense of positivity in the long run.  There was no doubt, however, that the programme had gained some significant outcomes for the students involved.

Early Intervention Strategy – an update was given with a focus on the aspiration for parenting programmes.

Families First – an update on this was given.  They are using a ‘family work approach’ which is a learning programme, focusing on problem solving skills, communication and giving information.  They reported on some early successes.  Currently they are working with 45 families intensively and a further 80 on low intervention.  There is intended to be a survey of VCS organisations and a link will be coming through various networks.

Active Travel Update – there is a new approach to encourage children to walk to work being introduced.

Missing children – A statistical report was delivered on the current position – there has been a reduction of 39% from last year which is pleasing but there were still 201 reported, although most returned within 24 hours.

Chair – Vanessa Bishop is moving to a new post in Northumberland  Philip Mayhew will be acting as the Interim DCS and will chair the meeting until a replacement is found.  A request for volunteers to sit on the interview panel was made for 5th November.

Potential Follow Up Action/Discussion/Feedback Required:

Watch out for the survey on families first

Any volunteers to sit on interview panel for new DCS?

Date of Next Meeting:  TBC