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Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Report from 24th October 2013 meeting

Nasheima Sheikh from BSWAID attended as the VCS this meeting

Key Points of Wider Interest Discussed

This was the first ‘shadow’ Board meeting of the newly formed Safer Solihull Executive Board with lay members; the Board membership has increased considerably and there is representation from local Solihull Forums.

Listening survey: The Board has released an online survey to establish what the Partnership priorities should be – this will be open till Sunday. Trish Willetts also informed the meeting of the ‘Solihull hour’ every Tues between 7-8pm on Twitter, its aim being to bring businesses together. I will send the survey to members separately.

Performance measures: This was provided as a draft for people to comment on what would be most useful as performance measures for the Board. The aim is to decide what measures should be monitored to understand performance in Solihull.

Key points continued & Potential Follow Up Action/Discussion

Partnership Plus areas: Chief Inspector Keith Portman came to present on what is happening in Smithwood and Chelmsely Town, as these the chosen partnership areas. There will be concentrated work to address issues of education, poverty, health, housing and employment. The work is overtaken over several years to ensure that it not only looks as the symptoms in terms of crimes committed, but addresses the cause of such crime.

LSCB report on Gangs: Paul Nash from the LSCB presented on a checklist that had been filled in with regard to gang activity in Solihull. It was concluded that this is not a big issue for Solihull but there are problems related to some families where there is neglect, domestic violence and connections over the border with gangs. However, issues that do emerge for Solihull are child sexual exploitation, knife crime.

Date of next meeting: December (TBC)