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Friday, February 21st, 2014

Health & Wellbeing Board report – 10th Feb 2014

Better care fund briefing

The first hour of the meeting was dedicated to the Better care funding brief (Document attached) It seems the first draft for Solihull had to be submitted on a very tight deadline and Solihull as all other areas is expecting to receive feedback with suggested amendments and improvements. The BCF plan, although stand alone, has to be an integral part of the overall CCG operational plan and strategy.

Urgent care

It was reported that the consultation events were very successful with 600 people attending the 3 events in total. There is still an online survey which should be communicated around third sector agencies encouraging circulation and further completion to staff/service users.

NHS England National Programme

Call for Action on Pharmacies-looking at how widely pharmacists could be used to contribute to delivery of wider health support. There have been some local pilots in North based pharmacies treating minor ailments. This was successful and it is being rolled out to 10 more pharmacies. Details on NHS England website. Information will be collated and provide feedback on strategic framework for local pharmacies. Posters are displayed in the pharmacies but it would be good to have a list of pharmacies to circulate to VCS organizations to display for service users. This would allow them to attend pharmacy instead of GP if a pilot pharmacy is in their area.

Health and well being board Priorities

Had been summarised into a document going into the overview and scrutiny board that evening-HWBB to receive feedback at the next meeting.

When the HWBB merges with the Children’s and YP board, priorities will change and be put into a score card report for board.

Walk in centre

Comms strategy was also going into scrutiny on the evening of the meeting.

Street Triage pilot

The HWBB were given a presentation by the senior officer on this new pilot. The pilot is designed to prevent individuals with MH problems being arrested and taken into custody. Team consists of 6 officers, 4 nurses and 3 paramedic and they cover Birmingham and Solihull, The pilot has been a great success preventing section 136 which result in those with MH being taken to a safe place and given treatment as opposed to ending up in custody inappropriately which takes up a high 20% of police time. No-one detained under a 136 is taken into cells any more.


Generally speaking its going well. An additional 4 day post is in place to cover the training aspect to all frontline staff. Phase two will cover Primary care, pharmacy staff, acute sector, HEFT, Voluntary sector/ also want to roll out to police, early years, community groups. Next phase there will be a need to “track impact” as there have been some issues around resistance and the embracing of cultural changes. Trainer’s name is Derren and VCS can approach to request training which is done on a train the trainer basis.

Public Health-Landscape

Creating healthy places/environmental strategy outlines how we build buildings, plan leisure and transport. Huge agenda nationally as to how PH feeds into planning. It was agreed that the landscapes document should be cross checked with HWBS and reviewed accordingly.