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Friday, April 11th, 2014

Partnership Board Meeting – 7th April 2014

Meeting Name

Solihull Partnership Board


7th April 2014

Key Points of Wider Interest Discussed

  1. Policing Update – Sally Bourner gave an update on where they are at.  She confirmed that the foundation of all the police do is ‘local policing’.  Partnerships are key.  People and quality of service are an important focus.  There are financial challenge ahead, but they are confident that they will meet their savings target without negative impact on service delivery.  Sally touched on some large issues that have influenced changes – e.g. Hillsbrough, Stephen Lawrence and Plebgate.  Governancne arrangements have changed and thenew Police and Crime Commissioner is a very positive step forward.  She covered how aspects of the service has changed to give central contact, with teams available locally and additional capacity built in for specific piecese of work requiring increasing policing.  She also told the board about the new recruitment that has been started.  Confidence in policing across the West Midlands remains high within Solihull – over 200,000 residents with 33 crimes reported daily of which 2/3 are burglaries and 6/6 business crimes.  There is now a new Solihull’s Local Policing and Crime Plan for 2014/15 and this is available on the West Midlands Police website and on Solihull Council’s website.
  2. Domestic  Abuse Update – A new outreach service has been set up within existing services and there has been a positive response.  They are starting to look at the needs of young people and children affected by domestic abuse.  There will be a domestic abuse e learning package available to agencies.  There is also now a Barnados Tool it to help to risk assess children and young people. Funding for this service is still precarious.
  3. Families First – Progress is being made under this programme and by 31.4.2014 304 families will have been worked with.  They are linking in with Early help offer to get a more family focus approach.  There is also work being undertaken to integrate approach through employment.  A couple of case studies were run through to demonstrate impact – it was pleasing to note voluntary sector support for these.
  4. Vulnerable Adults – An update on the work being carried out to support vulnerable adults was given particularly in relation to those impacted on welfare benefit changes.  Again, it was good to see voluntary sector work in this area being reported on.
  5. Stronger Communities policy – Melanie Lockey presented on the priorities under Stronger Communities.  The overall focus in on prevention and early intervention.

Potential Follow Up Action/Discussion

Please note that the council plan is going to cabinet shortly for ratification.

Local Policing and Crime Plan now available.

Date of Next Meeting

Joint meeting of all strategic groups – 12th May

Name and Contact No of Rep Completing

Janet Down