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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

Health & Wellbeing Board report – 1st April 2014

Meeting Name: Health and Wellbeing Board

Date of Meeting: 1st April 2014

Key Points of Wider Interest Discussed:

The Health and Wellbeing Board and Children and Young People’s Trust Board Merger was presented by the Senior Public Health Specialist, detailing how the Health and Wellbeing Strategy had been revised, to ensure major issues on the Children and Young People’s agenda had been incorporated. The Terms of Reference have been revised to incorporate both agendas, following consultation with the Strategic Commissioner for Children’s and Families. The issue of membership had been considered – they had looked to ensure all key Partners were represented, whilst ensuring the Board did not become unwieldy.

During the consideration of the Terms of Reference and the proposed Membership, the following points were raised:

  • Additional Cabinet Member – It was proposed to consider that an additional Cabinet Member be involved with the Board, to ensure a link with the wider determinants of health
  • Non-voting Members – It was proposed that non-voting Member involvement to be reviewed, following the recent Health and Wellbeing peer challenge which had flagged up the issue of Scrutiny Board Members participating in the Executive Board and the potential clashes this could cause.
  • Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group – it was proposed for GP representation to be reduced to the Chair and Chief Officer of the Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group. Dr Waddell agreed to take this proposal back to the SIRIUS Group and it was agreed to receive an update at a future Board meeting.
  • Health Watch – it was requested for the Health Watch representation to be amended to read Chief Executive Officer.
  • Voluntary and Community Sector – it was agreed for the 3rd Sector Reference Group to consider whether to revise their representations in light of the new arrangements.
  • West Midlands Fire Service – It was agreed that the West Midlands Fire Service be represented on the Board
  • Service User Voice – the Director of Children’s Services detailed how they were looking to develop a coherent strategy in regards to the engagement of young people, whereby a young people’s champion could be identified. The Director of Adult Social Services also highlighted the Experts by Experience programme and explained how it could be an opportunity to establish the views of adult service users. It was agreed for the Director of Children’s Services and the Director for Adult Social Services to identify proposals for young people and adult service user representatives respectively.

Planning and health update

The Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Regeneration addressed the Board, detailing the potential for greater collaboration between them and the Council’s Planning function. He emphasised how Health and Wellbeing were key objectives embedded in the Solihull Local Plan. It was also noted there was greater potential for timely consultation with key health partners on significant planning issues,  such as the proliferation of Hot Food Takeaway outlets.

Better Care Fund

The Acting Chief Officer, Organisation and Service Design, Solihull CCG, presented the report, detailing how the first draft of the 2 year Better Care Fund Plan had been approved by the Board on 10th February. She explained how they had submitted this to NHS England and received feedback, which they had incorporated into the further development of the BCF Plan.  Board Members noted the BCF plan had to make a commitment to achieve improvement against national metrics set by NHS England. They further noted that the 5-year Solihull ICASS plan was yet to be completed; hence the deliverability of these targets could not yet be backed by a robust delivery plan.   Board Members explained they recognised the need for demanding targets; however these had to be set within the context of a robust and sustainable plan across the whole health and care system. They expressed concern whether all the targets identified were achievable within the time constraints set.  Board Members also expressed reservations that performance against the targets could potentially lead to a loss of funding. They noted the possible impact this could have upon the delivery of health services locally.

Ward 10

Concerns had been raised regarding the future provision of the dementia facility at Solihull Hospital. The Board agreed to receive a further update on Ward 10 at their next meeting.

Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group Operational Plan2014-2016

The Chief Operating Officer, Solihull CCG, presented the report, detailing how, following the introduction of NHS England planning guidance, they had produced a 2 year Operating Plan. He explained how 7 core objectives had been identified within the plan, which included securing additional years of life for the people of Solihull with treatable mental and physical health conditions, as well as improving the health related quality of life of people with one or more long-term health condition. There are7 programmes in place supporting the delivery of these objectives.

Potential Follow Up Action/Discussion/Feedback Required:  Review of Voluntary Sector Representation

Date of Next Meeting:  1st July 2014

Name and Contact No of Rep Completing:  Anne Hastings

Phone 0121 704 3361 or email