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Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Solihull Partnership Board meeting – June 2014

Solihull Partnership Board Meeting

1. Safeguarding Adults Board

Draft annual report will be available from July and we are encouraged to circulate it.

Work has been done on risks register and 5 key areas of risk have been identified – action plans are in place to mitigate against these.

When Care Bill comes in the adult safeguarding board will become a statutory body.

There was a discussion around the new ruling on deprivation of liberties which is causing concern.

2. Local Safeguarding Children’s Board

Marion Davis steps down as Chair and Edwina Grant has been appointed from 8th September.

The Ofsted framework for Safeguarding Boards was presented.

Marion identified four red risks mostly focused on capacity and website.  There was a lot of concern raised about strategic involvement.

There is likely to be some media coverage in the autumn regarding the serious case review.

I raised issue regarding the reduction of level one training to V&C sector partners – this was accepted but countered by the poor take up from certain sectors.

3. Action against Poverty

A report was given on current position: this was mixed with youth unemployment and homelessness applications being higher than national average.  Debt and money cases supported by SCH have increased.

There is a programme to support parents struggling with finance staking place in various schools across the borough.

It was suggested the anti-poverty group use publications such as Colebridge News to improve uptake of future events.

4. Partnership Plus Delivery Plan

A report was given on the outcomes from the “Immersion” event.

More work needs to be done around mental health, but generally it was pleasing to see the amount of partnership buy in to tackle the issues.

The outcome of this work should be a reduction in anti-social behaviour.

5. Families First Progress

The Board considered the impact of the Families First approach.  Currently working with 355 families.  Funding has been agreed until 2015/16 and will be extended until 2020 to include those affected by Domestic Violence, families with vulnerable children, families with physical and mental health problems, those with history of unemployment and those who have a generational case record.

6. Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group Operating Plan

Doug Middleton, Chief Operating Officer for Solihull CCG, presented the Plan.

The local objectives fit with the National ambitions.

There are significant funding challenges ahead, and they are concentrating on providing quality care designed to keep people out of hospital.

7. Evaluation of Partnership Assembly

Good coverage on social media, some negative comments on timekeeping.  Best attended assembly so far but no contribution from CCG and poor uptake from elected members.