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Friday, September 26th, 2014

Solihull Partnership Board report – Sept 2014

Date of Meeting

Sept, 2014

1. Safeguarding Adults Board

Review of last month’s meeting – Dave Pinwell reported on joint work being done between LSCB + Vol sector to improve uptake on safeguarding training.

Also discussed the pilot referring police enquiries into the information hub.

2. Local Safeguarding Children’s Board

Challenge areas –

  • Number of national changes coming into force that will impact on safeguarding
  • How are they making the changes personal
  • The issues around deprivation of liberties

There was noted an increase in levels of referrals, however less investigations.  Does this mean that the system is safe? This is being researched.

The question was also raised regarding added value of joint working and concerns stated regarding take up of safeguarding training.

Responses from Chair of Adult safeguarding was that board was on journey of continuous improvement.  Attendance has improved, but still concerns regarding non-attendance from police.  There was a commitment from Chief Sup’t to attend in future.

There are resource challenges in respect of future priorities and also serious case reviews and in particular deprivation of liberties.  A request was made for a future report of classification of serious case reviews.  The key question is “are we making a difference”? “Making Safeguarding Personal” was suggested as a positive tool towards this.

The board believe they are well placed to fulfil all of their statutory requirements.

3. Action against Poverty

Demand has risen by 1/3 over past years, many are in temporary accommodation 30 in hotel accommodation (not families with children for more than 6 weeks).

In the longer term they are looking for appropriate provision to offer temporary accommodation in the future; this should be available by 2015.

4. Partnership Plus Delivery Plan

The board were asking to agree the governance arrangements for the delivery plan. Basically, they are reforming 2 groups into one to make them more aligned and focused. This means that there will be a joint agency approach to working in areas that have been defined as needing additional intervention: Chelmsley Town and Smiths Wood.

5. Families First Progress

A progress update was given on phase two of the programme:

213 familites have ‘turned around’ either in terms of improved behaviour or achieving continuous employment.

Phase two expands the programme which measures success against continuous employment, understanding progress achieved and understanding financial benefits of the programme.

Potential Follow Up Action/Discussion

Nothing specific

Date of Next Meeting

3rd November 2014

Name and Contact No of Rep Completing

Janet Down