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Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Report from Health and Wellbeing Board – 23 Sep 2014

Report by: Joanne Mackinnon

1. Governance and Scrutiny of Francis report recommendations

The board discussed the HWBB role in ensuring the recommendations of the Francis report are fully implemented in Solihull. HWBB scrutiny has already carried out some work. The report has 200 recommendations for National regional and local bodies-commssioners/LA’s? scrutiny. Recommendations are very wide ranging. Action plans are in place and scrutiny have reviewed them and therefore it is scrutiny role to report back to HWBB. HWBB to ask for further work if necessary.

2. Better Care Fund

New NHS funding and LA funding create the pot called “Better Care Fund” There is no “new Money” Seen as an opportunity to think differently on how to work in partnership, reduce emergency admissions by 3.5%, 9  It is described as an epic document. All areas been asked to resubmitted. Next steps detailed in minutes.

3. Solihull Children and Young people and their health related behaviour survey

The health and well being board were taken through the results of this survey done in local schools every two years.

4. Every disabled child matters

Brought by Councillor Meeson (Declared interest) Why sign the Disabled Charter? HWBB being asked to do so around the country. More than clear as to why HWBB would sign up however, some reservations. More assurance needed around what staff on the ground would need to be doing in order to monitor it. HWBB decision to make further enquiries and review in 6 months.

5. Pharmaceutical needs assessment update

HWBB responsibility to report on this needs assessment. A report will be published by next April.this will include patient experiences of pharmacies.

6. Director of Public Health Annual Report

Copies of the report were circulated by the director of PHe. Entitled Fair Solihull, Healthy lives-One year on. The report provides an overview of Solihull Health and outlines the Health priorities

  • Best Start in life
  • Ill health prevention
  • Healthy Communities and Healthy place.

The report makes summary recommendations

7. Urgent Care Centre on Hospital site

HWBB informed that HEFT will be the landlord and not the provider of urgent care centre. CCG have extended opening date until April 2016 in order to get it right. Questions were asked about transport and EW informed the HWBB about efforts to improve links between the North and South of the borough over the longer term. Things such as the 966 bus service has already improved things but work and planning around A45 and a cycle route also being considered.

8. Update on HEFT

CCG effectiveness group reported that stroke association accepted 30% reduction in cost and CAB 50%. Other services due to be decommissioned have received 1 year extension rather than decommission to see if they can demonstrate admission avoidance.

9. Mental Health Crisis care Concordat

Julia Philips attended HWBB to give an update. Question asked should the HWBB oversee local delivery of it? Policy requires 25 key priorities that HWBB need to be aware of. MIND is actually overseeing delivery of it nationally. Event planned on 14th November.

10. Ebola

HWBB affirmed that there is a robust arrangement with Birmingham Airport in place. There is a multi agency approach.

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