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Friday, October 10th, 2014

Safer Solihull board report – 11 Sep 14

Meeting Name

Safer Solihull Board

Date of Meeting

11th Sept 2014


Nasheima Sheikh

Key Points of Wider Interest Discussed:

Report on Super Strength Alcohol

Sarah Rooney attended to report on this issue.  The Big Drink Debate survey has been done with Solihull residents and showed:

  • Majority of people are buying alcohol and drinking at home
  • Most people did not want to say how much or how often they were drinking
  • Most had witnessed alcohol related anti social behaviour but had not reported it
  • Knowledge of sensible drinking levels was very poor and want to know more about this
  • They want this information from health professionals and would discuss it with their family

A draft alcohol strategy to the meeting in December.

Safer roads Group

A long discussion (one hour) was held on inconsiderate parking and what to do about it, and linked to how effective this group was in its function.

A lot of action has been take to make Solihull roads safer through effective measures, with particular attention to hotspots that had caused problems in the past.  Most problems are now arising from inconsiderate driver behaviour and speeding.

The new Police and Crime commissioner wants to make roads a priority in the policing plan.

New Police and Crime Commissioner Update

There has been a hiatus due to the PCC elections.  Police recruitment will continue.  The PCC plan will be reviewed and the current budget will remain as it is.  The PCC will continue to passport monies to the regions but will be more prescriptive about outcomes, monitoring and accountability.

The PCC will try to attend the next meeting in November.

Domestic Violence Report

Caroline Murray presented a report on domestic violence which highlighted significant shortfalls in the budget going forward.  The report showed that not supporting victims costs £10-12k whilst supporting victims costs £500. It is therefore more cost effective to support victims.

Caroline asked the Board to make the report a priority and to support taking the issue to other Boards.  The Board agreed create a small sub-group to decide how to address the concerns raised in the report and take it to the Health and Wellbeing Board.

Name and Contact No of Rep Completing:  Nasheima Sheikh