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Friday, November 14th, 2014

Local Safeguarding Children Board – report Nov 2014

Meeting Name: Local safeguarding Children’s Board

Date of Meeting: 11/11/2014

Key Points of Wider Interest Discussed:

  • Det Chief Supt Danny Long reported on the HMIC inspection which took place during the first week of June. He pointed out that this coincided with reorganisation within the West Midlands force, increasing the staffing levels in the Public Protection Unit considerably. A plan has been produced following the inspection – emphasis on “Voice of the Child” and “Everyone’s business”. It recognises that the CSE strand is underdeveloped and there needs to be more focus on charging perpetrators, and concerns relating to detainees under 18 who have to be kept in custody over night because no other accommodation can be found.
  • Chris Palmer presented a Neglect Strategy document and Tool kit. Solihull stats show 30% of Child Protection Plans relate to Neglect against the National average of 41.7%, but conversely Solihull shows 60% are related to emotional abuse against National average of 34.1%. The importance of chronologies is mentioned and I confirmed with Liz Murphy that all agencies should feed into the ones held by Social Services.
  • There is a JSNA Safeguarding workshop Monday 17th –A summary of the analysis and recommendations for Commissioners will be produced.
  • The Francis Report regarding the Public Inquiry into the failings of MID Staffs NHS Foundation highlights lack of focus on the individual and quality.
  • Melanie Lockey gave feedback on an audit involving SIAS, SCH, Police, Community Health and Education Welfare which looked at 6 Neglect Cases in Solihull. The quality of supervision is key and notes relating to supervision should be kept on case files.
  • Audits in schools have revealed that Child Protection Policies are often out of date –they should be reviewed annually, and there is a demand for Safeguarding level 2 training for new Designated Members of Staff. There have been 17 new Head Teachers and 20 Assistant Heads since September and most of these act as the lead DMS and require training or refresher training.

Potential Follow Up Action/Discussion/Feedback Required:

None at this time.

Date of Next Meeting: 13th January 2015

Name and Contact No of Rep Completing:
Deb Jones
Children’s Manager
0121 779 3865