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Friday, January 30th, 2015

LSCB Rep report – Jan 2015

Meeting Name: LSCB

Date of Meeting: 13th January 2015

Key Points of Wider Interest Discussed:

Betty Lynch was introduced to the Board as the new interim business manager, replacing Liz Murphy

A peer review was carried out on Children’s Services in Solihull.  This coincided with the Change Programme and identified strengths included

  • Wide range of services available to help families
  • Social workers knew their families well
  • Single assessment is effective

Areas for consideration included:

  • Chronologies difficult to find
  • Poor visibility of decision making
  • Lack of robust handover between social workers

The Serious Case Review following the death of a child in Solihull is in its final stages.  Once signed off it will be published on SMBC’s website.  Any communication regarding this must go through SMBC.

Mental Health provision for Children and Young People to be provided by Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust, with Barnado’s.  The emotional health and wellbeing service addresses some of the deficiencies in CAMHS and is for age 0 – 21

The figures for Domestic Abuse cases where no further action is taken by police is reducing and convictions increasing

Tina McGrath has been appointed as Interim Assistant Director for Early Help.  Three key strands:

  • targeted support
  •  universal support
  • community capacity and engagement support

Recognition was given to the work the VSC currently does in Solihull.  I requested that thought is given to making more premises available for voluntary groups such as Youth Clubs, Children’s Centres and Schools

  • Government consultation on amending “Working Together 2013” has begun.  Solihull LSCB will respond via Sally Hodges and Edwina Grant

 Date of Next Meeting: 10th March 2015


Name and Contact No of Rep Completing:

Deb Jones
0121 779 3865