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Friday, February 13th, 2015

Legal update – Volunteering

This legal update has been received from Sandy Adirondack on Volunteering issues (2nd February 2015).


Updated information sheets from Wales Council for Voluntary Action (applicable in England, and probably 99% in Scotland and Northern Ireland as well).

Plus what’s happening with the former Volunteering England website.

Rights and responsibilities of volunteers and volunteer involving organisations

The 3R promise and the Call for Action Progress Group report; European Parliament resolution on volunteering and voluntary activity in Europe; European charter on the rights and responsibilities of volunteers.

Volunteers from overseas

New information sheet from Wales Council for Voluntary Action.


NCVO guidance on safeguarding in volunteer involving organisations.

Volunteers and state benefits: resources

DWP1023 (Volunteering while getting benefits) was archived on on 31 January – and does not appear to have been replaced.

Universal credit rules on volunteering

There’s a significant lack of information on the website.

Further information

See Sandy Adirondack’s website for all her updates on legal issues affecting voluntary and community organisations at