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Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Report from Health & Wellbeing Board – 1 July 2014

Meeting Name: Health and Wellbeing Board

Date of Meeting: 1st July 2014

Key Points of Wider Interest Discussed:

The Clinical Commissioning Group – Effectiveness Review Group reported that as part of their financial plans the Solihull CCG is required to deliver savings of £10.1 million in 2014/2015 and £7.6million in 2015/2016. It was noted that much of the deterioration in the CCG financial position is not of the CCG’s own making as it relates to technical adjustments and top slicing which could not have been anticipated.  To deal with the gap in funding the Governing Body approved an Effectiveness Review Group (ERG) to undertake a review of all expenditure area.  This was necessary as the CCG is required under the Health and Social Care Act to operate within statutory financial limits; the powers of the act allow NHS England to enforce external ‘support’ if it does not have confidence in Solihull CCG to deliver a sustainable financial position.  The Health and Wellbeing Board endorsed the position that it is essential that health care commissioning for the people of Solihull remains in Solihull to ensure that local services are not diluted within a ‘Greater Birmingham’ environment as well as to enable the continued focus on our shard integration agenda with SMBA.

The ERG has identified potential savings of £4.959m, split across three categories:

  • non–renewal of contracts- where duplication of services has been found; or do not demonstrate value for money, or do not demonstrate the expected return on investment
  • service thresholds – where services will continue but access criteria will be redefined to target those most in need
  • contract renegotiation- where contracts may continue but where there is a need to seek price reductions

Voluntary and Community Sector –  it was agreed at the April meeting that the 3rd Sector Reference Group would consider whether to revise their representations in light of the new arrangements regarding the merger with the Young People’s Trust Board. AH reported back on the outcome of the deliberations with the VCSRG but suggested that this needed to be kept under review and looked at again next year as it was clear that the agenda for the July meeting was heavily weighted in favour of children’s issues and if this was to be a regular feature then it might be more appropriate for a VCSRG rep with working knowledge of children’s issues to take on the role.

Urgent Care Consultation and next steps – the key findings and recommendations of the urgent care review at Solihull Hospital (which was extremely widely consulted on) were to:

  • Bring together our urgent care services under one roof, with one front door and one reception where all services are joined together to work around the needs of the individual
  • Name the service appropriately to accurately describe the services offer. This should be an ‘Urgent Care Service’ in line with the Keogh Review
  • Ensure urgent care service which are currently available will continue to be available
  • Continue to maintain a walk in service

Commissioning Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health services for children and young people – The H&WBB were briefed on the CCG and SMBC’s intentions to procure new, integrated arrangements to meet the emotional wellbeing and mental health needs of children and young people in Solihull.  Heart of England Foundation Trusts is currently commissioned to provide a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) but have given notice that they will cease to provide this service from April 2015.  There is now therefore a proposal to change the way the service is delivered to achieve better outcomes.  A joint Board has been established to oversee the procurement process.

Care Quality Review of Health Services for Children Looked After and Safeguarding in Solihull – the H&WBB noted that a CQC inspection took place between 10th and 14th February 2014 using a system with focused on evaluating the experiences and outcomes for children, young people and their families who receive services within the boundaries of Solihull, following the journeys though the health system of 8 children.  The report was published on 01 May 2014 and the joint action plan has now been formulated, agreed and signed by the respective executive leads and submitted back to the CCG.

Solihull Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) – the H&WBB received a report from the LSCB regarding the effectiveness of the Board, its ability to deliver its statutory functions and be ready for regulatory inspection.  Due to budget restrictions this year (down from £352,210 in 2013/14 to £286,800 in 2014/15, with a shortfall still of some £44k, there are concerns that the Board will not be ready for regulatory inspection and could lack capacity to deliver its statutory functions.

Potential Follow Up Action/Discussion/Feedback Required:

  • Keep under review the Voluntary Sector Representation to ensure best fit.
  • Note that some voluntary sector organisations may be affected by the CCG Effectiveness Review Group cuts

Date of Next Meeting: 16th September 2014

Name and Contact No of Rep Completing: Anne Hastings

Phone 0121 704 3361 or email