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Friday, July 31st, 2015

LSCB Rep Report – July 2015

Meeting Name: LSCB

Date of Meeting: 14th July 2015

Key Points of Wider Interest Discussed:

  • LSCB Annual report has been drafted and will be issued imminently.
  • LSCB are linking in with the Active Engagement strategy to ensure views of more children/young people are considered.
  • Concern that change of thresholds for referrals to Children’s Social care team for formal intervention may leave some families vulnerable so a small audit will be conducted on cases which have not been accepted.
  • West Midlands CSE Regional framework for joint working between Police and LAs agreed by Solihull.
  • Future Section 11 audits (assessing agencies compliance with Safeguarding requirements) will incorporate Domestic Abuse standards.
  • LSCB Communication strategy will be launched at the Annual Conference on 12th November at The Motor Cycle museum.

I am stepping down from VCSRG and consequently the LSCB representative post. I am happy to attend the next LSCB meeting to introduce my successor.

Date of Next Meeting: 15th September 2015

Name and Contact No of Rep Completing:

Deb Jones
0121 779 3865