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Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

Report from Health & Wellbeing Board – July 2015

Meeting date: July 2015

Rep: Joanne MacKinnon

1. Board members were surveyed and response was not very high. A new board development meeting is planned in September.

2. HWBB Scorecard-No leads present at meeting. Early help strategy approved/recruits started.

Goes live October 2015-Fedback on service effectiveness could be led by early help team.

However, cautious not to overload Q’s particularly those for children. (Viewpoint tool used-reconsider. Priority 2 Hot Food policy goes to scrutiny board later in autumn. Early detection-lifestyles SPOC/services recently tendered for weight management and smoking cessation going to North 51 (Smoking cessation) Man BFAT and Gateways. All three are Community Interest Companies.

3. ICASS scorecard-admissions 65+ (Green) discharge successful (Red)-a high proportion die.

Delayed transfers-The way of counting has changed.

4. North Arran Way development-NHS England confirmed who will occupy the building. This is a GP led scheme. Next step is fit out requirements.

5. Ebola Crisis update-Solihull part of the picture due to the airport having connecting flights from West Africa. Not everyone is screened just high risk health professionals who have been working there. 250 screens, one high temperature sent on to hospital but all turned out negative.

6. Mental Health-New Dawn. BSMHFT presentation on the changes they are introducing to services in the Borough. Changes are based on user feedback and geared towards changing outcomes. Sited Rapid Re-entry, Crisis care plans on discharge, Hubs, senior staff carrying out assessments. New Service URGENT CARE 24/7 crisis access within 4 hours. Lindon to become main hub 7 days a week-peer mentoring. Dual diagnosis work. It was mentioned that Bruce Burns may not be suitable in future for additional services.

7. Solihull Mental Health Strategy. Julia Philips went over it briefly as much was covered under New Dawn. Recovery is key to the strategy. North Arran Way development also relevant-service users been given more independence in the community. Final draft to go out to consultation October 2015.

8. Healthy New Towns programme-HWBB agreed to go ahead and tender for this.