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Thursday, August 13th, 2015

Health and Wellbeing Board – June 2015 Report

Meeting Name:
Health and Wellbeing Board

Date of Meeting:
16th June 2015

Key Points of Wider Interest Discussed

The Health and Wellbeing Strategy is due for review – a timetable will be presented to the July meeting  and workshops will be held with stakeholders and providers to afford them an opportunity to input to the strategy.

Update on the implementation of the Autism Act 2009 and related guidance – The Joint Commissioner for People with Disabilities and the Commissioning Officer provided the H&WBB with an update on progress made in implementing the government’s strategy for people with autism entitled ‘Rewarding and fulfilling lives’ with the ultimate goal of having an Autism Strategy in place for Solihull.  The H&WBB approved the draft strategy to be shared with people with autism and their families, organisations and professionals who have an interest in this area in order to further develop the strategy and delivery plan for Solihull. The outcomes of the engagement will be presented to the Cabinet Member for H&WB in the autumn of 2015 for adoption as Council policy.

Progress on implications of developments on Primary Care Provision – The H&WBB heard that progress was being made on the development of Primary Care Provision in North Arran Way, Kingshurst and Chelmunds Cross.

Evaluation of a public engagement in priority setting exercise – The H&WBB approved the principles underpinning REACH (a public engagement tool tested last year) in public involvement in the refresh of the H&WB strategy.

Solihull Food Strategy and action plan 2015/2017 – the H&WBB approved the strategy which has been developed to further encourage partnership working across food initiatives to provide strength and ensure consistency of approach.  Concern was expressed about the increase of food bank usage in North Solihull.  It was thought that having dementia sufferers help children in schools to grow vegetables would be a concept worth pursuing.

Local Government Declaration on Tobacco Control – the Solihull H&WBB signed up, as have over 100 LA’s.

Information and Advice Community Hubs – an update was given on the development of the I&A Hubs and the web portal.

Potential Follow Up Action/Discussion/Feedback Required:

  • Voluntary Sector organisations should look out for and be involved in the refresh of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.
  • An Autism Partnership Board is to be established – voluntary sector organisations with an interest should note

Date of Next Meeting:  21st July 2015

Name and Contact No of Rep Completing:  Anne Hastings

Phone 0121 704 3361 or email