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Friday, August 14th, 2015

Partnership Board – meeting report July 2015

Solihull Partnership Board meeting, 20th July 2015

Rep: Janet Down, SoLO Life Opportunities.

1. Understanding the demographics

Discussed work ongoing in determining where multi-occupancy dwellings are best placed in Solihull.

2. Faith Covenant

It was agreed that the covenant which articulates a commitment that the Solihull partnership will work together and there will be an event on 21st September when this will be signed.

3. Performance scorecard

There will be some positive trends around reporting of hate crimes and perception of safety in the north of the borough.  General worklessness and unemployment is improving with regard to gap between north and south.

Some areas where the gap is widening regarding safeguarding for children and adults, whilst concerning, is likely to be due to heightened awareness and a better pathway for reporting.  However, concerns were raised in relation to numbers of children in the north subject to child protection plans, this will be communicated to the LSCB for further understanding.

Discussion focused on the reduction in formal volunteering where gap is widening.  VCS Rep brought up the reduction in funding to voluntary sector and closing of Volunteer Bureau.  There was a recognition that supported volunteering requires investment.

Other area of concern is widening of gap in obesity in children.  This is a very worrying picture and there needs to be further investigation to understand what needs to be done.

4. 20 Streets Presentation

This was a targeted approach to areas of greatest need and the difference being made.

6 small areas have been identified as a starting point.

It will be a multi-agency approach for a fixed period of time, with a view of evaluating what works and the impact.

5. Review of Partnership Board

Still discussing purpose and role.

6. Evaluation of Annual Partnership Assembly

Positive feedback.  Disappointing attendance from private sector and newly elected members (might be due to general election timing) but overall positive attendance.  Suggestion for last year – stronger communities – need a “community champion” – any ideas from VCS? Or possible Digby Jones with a focus on business regeneration.