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Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

Safer Solihull board meeting – report from July 2015 meeting

Meeting Name:
Safer Solihull Board

Date of Meeting:
29th July 2015

Nasheima Sheikh

Key Points of Wider Interest Discussed:

Protecting Places Update

Protecting Places remist is to reduce the risk of terrorism.  The Group works within a local and national structure and strategy. There are 4 strands of work – pursue, prevent, protect and prepare. In Feb, there was a review by the Counter Terrorism Unit. Jim Harte said there was no heightened risk beyond that which exists normally.

Solihull Connected

This is part of the West Midlands Transport Strategy, the plan is called ‘Movement for Growth’ and is being consulted on currently. Solihull is embarking on a strategy of ‘Managed Growth’  through the promotion of ‘UK Central’ – a plan which brings together local economic assets including regional business parks, town centres, Jaguar Land Rover, the Airport, NEC and future HS2.

Solihull Connected plans for balanced investment in transport infrastructure whilst still catering for cars, such as investment in cycling networks, and public transport schemes that are competitive, fast, reliable and frequent.  Public safety is intrinsic within these plans.  The final strategy will cover 20 years.

Finance Working Group

Gill Crabbe updated on the Groups work, presenting various savings for 2015/16 and 2016/17.  These were very difficult to make as all funded activities had cases for investment.  Savings were approved by the Board.  It was agreed to try and ascertain funding streams from the PCC over the next 5 years.

West Midlands Domestic Abuse Standards

Sara Rooney informed the Group about these standards that were developed with all local areas being involved.  They are being circulate amongst all Boards who are being asked to consider and adopt them.  Sara will circulate these by email.  Members to advise on their adoption.  They have been adopted by teh LCSB and the Domestic Abuse Strategic Group.

West Midlands Police

Sue Parker informed the Board of significant cuts to WM Police announced by Chief Constable Chris Simms.  She said neighbourhood policing will continue but work to a different delivery model.

Name and Contact No of Rep Completing:
Nasheima Sheikh