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Friday, December 18th, 2015

Hampton Manor Homes

Criteria for grants to charitable bodies

The Hampton Manor Homes Ltd originally provided care for women with learning disabilities and was based at Hampton Manor, Hampton in Arden.   The home closed in 2007 and since that date the Charity has funded voluntary bodies providing services to people with a learning disability.

The objects of the Company are:

  1. to provide care, education and other charitable facilities for individuals with learning disabilities;
  2. to provide for the advancement of individuals with learning disabilities on the property of the Company or elsewhere by providing pr supporting schools, homes, reading rooms, playgrounds and place of recreation of all kinds;
  3. to train and educate individuals with learning disabilities to tke their place in the community and to provide them with all necessary and proper lodging, board, clothing and medical and surgical attendance, applicants, nursing and comforts (including entertainment of a musical, dramatic or other artistic character); and
  4. to train and employ instructors and others with a view to carrying out the above mentioned objects and to provide them with accommodation, upkeep and other conveniences.

The Trust has at this time set criteria for giving grants within the Objectives as follows:

  1. To provide support to former residents of Hampton Manor
  2. To provide grants to charities whose objectives are to serve people with learning disabilities and their carers
  3. Area of Benefit is the Borough of Solihull (except in respect of 1 above)
  4. Grants are given for specific projects including capital costs.
  5. Grant are not to fund salaries except in respect of start up costs for a project where alternative funding will be found after one year
  6. Applicants will be expected to be making efforts to fund raise beyond any funding from the Charity
  7. Normally funding from the Charity will not exceed 50% of the cost of the project
  8. The Charity will only give a single grant to an organisation and will not consider another application for 3 years following any grant

Application process

Applicants will be required to submit:

  1. A detailed description of the organisation applying including details of their management board and paid staff and their other services and activities for people with learning disabilities
  2. The latest audited annual accounts of the organisation applying
  3. Detailed cost of the project for which a grant is being requested
  4. Details of other funding contributing to the project and plans for ongoing fund raising
  5. Details of how any ongoing costs will be met
  6. Information relating to any partner bodies involved in the project

Organisations considering applying for a grant are advised to hold informal discussion with the Charity in advance of a formal application and should in the first instance contact: Peter Davidson by email or 07867 968689.


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