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Thursday, May 5th, 2016

Passion for the Smaller Fry

Leicester City captured the nation’s imagination. It seems that only die-hard fans of the biggest clubs, who had expectations to win the  gong, were not rooting for the minnows to carry it off. A tremendous achievement completed, a heart warming tale it has turned out to be after last weekend’s round of matches.

Rooting for the smaller club clearly invokes a tremendous degree of greater passion than the bigger kids on the block ever could.

So it is with work in our charities and community organisations. Supporting or giving time to a local smaller outfit where the social benefit is more tangible and the contribution is better appreciated with can generate far more passion than with a one of the big guns of the charity world where a contribution can be lost in a huge, amorphous pot.

Local charities and neighbourhood community groups are run by folk with incredible passion for the task and a focus on making a real difference in their back yard.

So, when national umbrella organisation, Locality, undertook some research about the current trend in some areas of diverting funding away from local organisations ‘for economies of scale’, they concluded that it did not work:

The problem with upscaling contracts is ….. often these don’t meet people’s needs Locally-based public services can be built around the needs of individuals and families and deliver what they actually need.

Tony ArmstrongWe have just announced the date of this year’s Solihull VCS Conference (22 September). Tony Armstrong of Locality (pictured)will be our keynote speaker and will inspire us with a more detailed vision of effective and passion driven local action within our communities to meet local needs.

Make it a date in your diary now. A few more details can be found on our Events page.