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Thursday, July 14th, 2016

Building That Better Britain

John Tizard‘We will build a better Britain not just for the privileged few’ said Teresa May at the lectern in Downing Street in her first address to the nation as prime Minister. And no doubt we applaud that, share the sentiment and wish her success in its delivery.

We can also hope that she sees it as a challenge which requires the development of greater capacity and cohesion within communities, which in turn can be best delivered in partnership with the community sector.

I could not listen to our new PM’s words without mentally placing them alongside the words of John Tizard a day earlier in his Blog ‘Local Social Action Is More Vital Than Ever – And So Are Its Champions’.

I urge everyone to read this and take on board its clear messages about the ‘local community and small charity sector’ as ‘the backbone of strong communities and the catalyst for local social action’ and the need for strong and bold leadership.



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