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Thursday, July 7th, 2016

Report from Health & Wellbeing Board – 14 Jun 16

Meeting Name: Health and Wellbeing Board

Date of Meeting: 14th June 2016

Key Points of Wider Interest Discussed:  

Board Membership

The members were asked to note that Cllr Karen Grinsell will be joining the H&WB Board in her new role as Cabinet Portfolio  for Adult Social Care and Health.

Better Care Fund Quarter 1 submission

The Q4 submission of 15/16 was made on 25.05.16. The 16/17 Solihull BCF plan was submitted on 28.05.16 and was rated as “approved with support”.  It was noted that in the West Mids., 5 HWB’s were Approved, 7 approved with support and 2 sent for national escalation. The 2 assessors, 1 from NHSE and I from the LGA felt that the plan overall was a good one and that good work had taken place since the first submission but that there were still some issues needing to be addressed, mainly around clarity regarding financial issues and risk share, 7 day services , joint assessments and care co-ordination.  Resubmission due by 30th June 2016.

Birmingham & Solihull Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP)

The STP planning process is the means by which we can build our health and social care system in Birmingham and Solihull to ensure that they are places where people can live well, age well and die well. There is widespread commitment to developing increasingly more effect and connected care at primary, secondary and tertiary level and to making the decisions to allow this to happen.  The aim is a shift away from ‘crisis management’ into preventative care.  This is all very welcome but there is also recognition that the H&WB Boards in Solihull and Birmingham are very different and that Solihull is more advanced (for example having providers involved) and there is a concern that the two Boards could be merged and that this could have the effect of sucking resources out of Solihull. The Health and Wellbeing gap is focusing on Vulnerable Groups & Communities; Maternity & Early years; Employment & Health and system factors (eg outlier for hospital admission for fall injuries).

Action against Poverty

The transfer of responsibility for overseeing action to tackle poverty in Solihull has now transferred to the H&WB Board and they were therefore asked to approve the refreshed Strategy and Plan for 2016-17.  The four priorities to be focused on are:

  • Providing good quality, sustainable employment opportunities that enable a reasonable standard of living for residents
  • Helping residents to be financially resilient
  • Access to stable affordable housing in sustainable neighbourhoods
  • Shaping wider policies and decisions so they reduce the risk of poverty

Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy

The H&WB Board considered a draft report outlining a renewed Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy for Solihull as the previous one is time expired. The key priorities will be:

  • Education and communication
  • Early intervention and prevention
  • Treatment & Specialist Treatment
  • Licencing & the night time economy

Merit Vanguard Quarterly Report

The H&WB Board received the report for information and notes that while £3.3 million has been requested, £1.7 million was offered and there was therefore a need to plan how the reduced funding will be distributed.  The major risks are seen as:

  • Further reduced funding from NHSE (putting planned programmes at risk)
  • Staff in key roles moving on
  • STP’s not supporting MERIT in 2017-18

Mental in-patient provision

The H&WB Board were updated on the plan to look into more community focused intervention for mental health patients as it has the potential to be a lower spend, have better outcomes and better relationships.  It is currently clear that if you have beds, they will be filled, even if this is not the best treatment path for individuals.  A ‘Shared lives’ bid had been submitted which includes support for the family and respite for carers. The Step up, step down beds at Avery House have shown excellent outcomes.  IAPT is excellent but are we making the most of it?  There is a need for a robust prevention agenda.

Harmonised Commissioning policies update

The Harmonised approach is being established across Birmingham, Solihull and the Black Country is reviewing 21 policies covering 45 procedures (for example cosmetic procedures; cataract surgery; knee replacement; hysterectomy, grommets, certain spinal procedures for back pain etc, known as Procedures of Lower Clinical Value(PLVC), some of which are considered to be relatively ineffective and others may be regarded to be effective but not cost effective (other cheaper interventions may be just as effective).  Variation in the policies across this geographic is understood to be a risk to NHS commissioners and frustrating for patients and clinicians.

Potential Follow Up Action/Discussion/Feedback Required:  

There may be a  role for the Voluntary and Community Sector in Solihull in delivering a brief screening and early intervention to our customers and clients regarding Alcohol Harm reduction – ensuring signposting and referral to specialist support for those in need.  

Date of Next Meeting:  13th September 2016

Name and Contact No of Rep Completing:  Anne Hastings

07578 169045 or