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Thursday, September 15th, 2016

Report from ICASS board – 14 Jul 16

Meeting Name: ICASS Board

Date of Meeting: 14th July 2016

Key Points of Wider Interest Discussed:  


It was reported that Nick Page is to join the ICASS Board

ICASS and Vanguard Governance Review

In May 2016, it was agreed that a review of the governance of the ICASS and Vanguard programme be undertaken by the Good Governance Institute which has now been completed with 4 identified options and 11 recommendations.  Option 3 was the preferred option to be pursued:

Tailor the ICASS and Vanguard programmes as the Solihull response to wide ranging West Midlands STP, with a more appropriate governance structure. It has further been agreed that the ICASS Programme Board are to be the sole decision making body, point of resolution and accountable for implementation. A communication to stakeholders is to be developed and circulated.

Local Area Co-ordination Progress Report

An update was given on the progress of the Local Area Coordination, to develop more community based prevention, a key element of the Community Wellbeing Service.  The Local Area Coordination will enable more people to be cared for in the community rather than in an acute setting, maintain their independence for as long as possible; plan for and wherever possible avoid crisis. Local Area Coordination is a strength based and person centred approach which encourages vulnerable people to find solutions to their needs in the community as opposed to a service response.  Based in the community, community resources/assets are identified and fostered to respond to social needs, and making the connections to provide that mutual support within the community.

Progress to date includes the recruitment of a Programme Manager on 4th July 2016 and the Local Area Coordination Network has commenced supporting the Programme Manager to develop the Solihull Service.  Discussions have taken place with Solihull SUSTAiN with a view to them supporting the community engagement critical to the co-produced recruitment of the first 5 co-ordinators by using their established networks and knowledge of the local area.  The 5 LA Coordinators are planned to be in place by January 2017.

Better Care Fund

Solihull has now been ‘recommended for approval’.

ICASS Risk Register

The Risk Register is a standing item on the agenda and the highest risks are not surprisingly around Constrained Financial Resources of Solihull Council who need to make saving of £12.9m overall by 2020; Solihull CCG who have submitted a balanced plan for 2015/16 but are still at high risk; HEFT who need to save £24m pa; and BSMHT who need to deliver overall savings of £3.9m by 2020.

Potential Follow Up Action/Discussion/Feedback Required:  

How do the local VCS organisations feel about the Sustainability and Transformation Plan?  Nervous about the future or excited about new opportunities?  Will Solihull be able to maintain local solutions to local issues?  Will it be able to protect its precious sovereignty?  Is bigger necessarily better – yes in some cases eg stroke services but not everything is better joined up.  What role can the VCS play in ensuring that there is still a local voice for Solihull?

Date of Next Meeting:  8th September 2016 (to be attended by Alice Singleton)

and Contact No of Rep Completing:  Anne Hastings  Phone 07578169045 or email