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Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

Report from Health & Wellbeing Board – 13 Sep 16

Meeting Name: Health and Wellbeing Board

Date of Meeting: 13th September 2016

Key Points of Wider Interest Discussed:

All Age Autism Strategy

The H&WBB were asked to consider the proposed governance reporting process as it had been decided back in January 2016 that having a separate Autism Partnership Board to be the most effective vehicle to ensure the delivery of the strategy.  It was felt that as Autism touches all areas of society and the community, there was a risk of duplication and that the breadth of the objectives was necessarily such that a Board would require extensive membership – almost a body such as the H&WBB.  It was agreed therefore to utilise existing meeting structures and utilise champions within key forum, thereby focusing the attention of organisations and council directorates on their responsibilities to people with autism under the 2009 Autism Act.

The role of libraries in improving Health and Wellbeing

The H&WBB was asked to give consideration to further develop and enhance health and wellbeing offers and opportunities through the Library, Arts and Information service, which are recognised by local communities as non-judgemental, safe and trusted places.

Health in every system: working together to get Solihull to eat well and move more by 2021 through a whole system approach

The Healthy Weight Steering group presented the issues, recommendations and actions of the strategy to increase engagement to create a health supporting environment that can reduce the trajectory of overweight and obese people in Solihull by getting more people to eat a balanced diet and become more active.  There is a higher prevalence of poor diets, inactivity and obesity in North Solihull linked to higher levels of deprivation contributing to the gap in health inequalities in the borough.


It was felt that the addition of a housing sector representative would be beneficial to the Board – decision to include a representative from Solihull Community Housing as a full voting member.

Solihull Healthy Living Pharmacy Initiative

An update was provided to the Board on the Solihull Healthy Living Pharmacy  (a tiered commissioning framework) which community pharmacies wishing to be involved with are required to consistently deliver a range of services based on local needs and commit to and promote healthy living ethos within a dedicated health-promoting environment.

Birmingham & Solihull Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP)

An update was given on the final submission of the  STP, it was noted that the H&WBB were keen not to lose the Solihull Together for Better Lives stance and reassurances were given that the STP does not represent a ‘secret plan’

Better Care Fund

Solihull is still waiting to be ‘approved’ but the work is continuing regardless.  Assurances were given by the Local Authority that the ‘local agreement’ would not place Solihull Adult Social Care in crisis as it is only for one year and it has been budgeted for.

Children’s Early Help Governance

It was agreed that the Early Help governance would rest with the H&WBB and that the current Troubled Families & Early Help Programme Board acts on its behalf and reports to it.

Potential Follow Up Action/Discussion/Feedback Required:

Continued concerns about how cuts to voluntary sector organisations by the Local Authority and the CCG may impact on the sector’s ability to be involved in preventative work which will have a knock on effect on the ability to deliver the Health and Wellbeing strategy for our client groups.

Date of Next Meeting:

17th January 2017

Name and Contact No of Rep Completing:

Anne Hastings

Phone 07578169045 or email