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Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Protect your family against flu


Flu Vaccine Myth Buster

MYTH: Having the flu vaccine gives you flu

FACT: No, it doesn’t. The injected flu vaccine given to adults cannot give you flu.

Nor will the children’s flu nasal spray vaccine give your child flu.

MYTH: The flu jab doesn’t work

FACT: The flu vaccine IS still the best protection against flu.

MYTH: Once you’ve had the flu vaccine, you’re protected for life

FACT: No, you’re not. The viruses that cause flu can change every year, so you need a vaccination each year.

MYTH: Children don’t need the flu jab if they’re not in a high risk group

FACT: Yes they do. Flu is passed on very quickly among children who may not cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing. They can then spread it to babies and grandparents.

MYTH: Having flu is just like having a heavy cold

FACT: No its not. A bad bout of flu is much worse than a heavy cold. If you get complications, you could become seriously ill and end up in hospital.

MYTH: Flu can be treated with antibiotics

FACT: No, it can’t. Viruses cause flu, and antibiotics only work against bacteria and not viruses.

MYTH: You shouldn’t have the flu jab whilst pregnant

FACT: Yes you should. If you get flu when pregnant you may be very ill, which could be bad for your baby. Having the jab can also protect your baby against flu after they’re born.

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