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Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

A Dose of Reality

Virtual RealityA recent article in Third Sector listed and expounded on the techniques that the modern charity is using to fundraise. It included:

  • Contactless donations
  • Online charity shops
  • Customer relationship management software
  • Virtual reality

“Virtual reality?” you might ask, if you are not quite so ahead of the game. Let The Resource Alliance, a London based charity that ‘inspires sharing and collaboration to create powerful change in the social impact sector’, explain:

“Whatever your cause, now you can use “virtual reality” to bring the reality of your work to your donors ….. with virtual reality videos, you can enable your supporters to see and feel what it’s like…..”

These approaches are, of course, well beyond the capacity of the average local charity and reflect more the breadth of sophistication across which the big players are stretching in order to hoover up (or should that be ‘to dyson up’ these days) bucket loads of donor cash.

Enormous amounts of charity cash are clearly being invested in advance IT solutions to win more charitable giving in a competitive market. That in turn has to make it more challenging than ever for the local charity, that cannot afford such sophistication, to compete.

However, every threat can be turned into an opportunity and as smaller, local charities, perhaps we need to find ways of making a virtue of the fact that our own fundraising is low cost and lo-tech, and as a result the gearing of our organisations from donation to social benefit in our local community is so much higher.

Now, that is reality, ie not virtual!

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