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Thursday, March 16th, 2017

It’s A Date for Action!

Some of these special national observance days are so off the wall it makes one very cynical about them.

I presume that you were unaware that this is National Bed Month and this is also Healthcare Science Week and National Butchers Week! Wonder when National Toenail Clipping Day is?

But, tomorrow, 18 March, there is a much more meaningful one on the calendar that is far more noteworthy and more demanding of action.

This Saturday is National CSE Awareness Day and time to remind ourselves that Child Sexual Exploitation is a scourge in our society and needs to be subject to the strongest possible combat. The day aims to encourage everyone to think, spot and speak out against such abuse.

People are asked to write a personal pledge on their hands on the day and then post a photo of it on social media using #HelpingHands. The pledge can be anything, from speaking out, to educating others.

And, if you are reading this too late to do that, how about going to the ‘See Me, Hear Me’ website, to find out more about the issues and get better informed?

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