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Thursday, June 1st, 2017

Leading the Way

Report CoverAnother opportunity for this column to let a more informed source do the work this week.

The charity Think Tank, NPC, has been researching the ‘State of the Sector’ and highlighting the factors that are helping leading charities succeed. Their conclusions are that the following factors are amongst the keys to achieving impact and longevity in the current climate:

  • Keeping a strategic focus on achieving the greatest possible impact—no matter who delivers the actual work.
  • Building strong governance that supports new ways of working, including a positive attitude to risk and bringing in new voices and skills for the modern world.
  • Forging better relationships with the state and the public, and new forms of collaboration within the sector and outside with new partners, seeking shared solutions to shared problems in a more networked way.
  • Making the most of the advances of data and digital technology.
  • Taking new attitudes to working with beneficiaries and communities, guiding the work of charities and making the most of the assets and strengths they possess, allowing them to shape their own futures themselves.

The report, Charities taking charge: Transforming to face a changing world, is a worthwhile read.


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