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Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Woman to Woman fund – Rosa

Rosa, the UK Fund for women and girls, has launched a new funding round of the “Woman to Woman” Fund.

Local women’s organisations across the UK are able to apply for grants of up to £25,000 to support a wide range of projects that benefits women. This can include building confidence and leadership skills and tackling harassment and violence, etc.

Rosa plans to support at least 100 local grassroots women’s organisations across the UK and the grants are available for groups with an income of under £100,000 per year. Rosa especially wants to support groups that work with disadvantaged communities or in disadvantaged areas.

Grants can pay for core work, as well as mobilising volunteers, leadership development, communications and advocacy.

There are two stages to submitting an application to the Woman to Woman fund. To apply for a grant applicants will first need to complete the stage 1 application.

The deadline for stage 1 applications is 5pm on 6th July 2017.

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