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Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Report from LSCB – 14 Mar 17

LSCB meeting

14th March 2017

David Peplow is the new independent chair of LSCB.  He has a police background and considerable experience chairing LSCB’s and leading and developing partnerships.  

Presentation took place by BSMHT about SOLAR and Adult Mental Health services.  Key points:

  • Adult services are being trained to ‘think family’ and think about impact on the child living with an adult with mental health needs
  • SOLAR – long waiting lists but going through a restructure. Meetings taking place with MASH and Early Help to address this At present SOLAR covers eating disorders, early intervention and 0-25 crisis services.  

Safeguarding Hub mash review – Issues found with steam lining processes especially around transition with no seamless transition from pre-screening to early help – Solihull Carers Centre has experienced this too.  There was praise for when children had entered MASH, including timely intervention.  They found a need to improve quality assurance, including regular audit to cases screened out of MASH.  Information sharing is still an area of concern in every area of review.  Work to be done to help practitioners make decisions.

New threshold document produced.  See LSCB website for more information or request from

LSCB will move towards adopting a regional child protection and safeguarding procedures framework on 1st April 2018.  Existing procedures still applicable through Tri-x – Solihull commissions Tri-x to develop their procedures manual and keep it up to date.  Tri-x has launched a circular for update.  Go to Tri-x to sign up.

In February 2017 government released an update version of Working Together 2015 which contained a new definition of child sexual exploitation (CSE) at the same time new CSE guidance was issued.  Can be found at – volunteers/child-sexual-exploitation-23php.

New bail regulations came into force on 3rd April 2017.   Timescales are now 3 months but DV and child abuse cases normally take longer.  The police are working to upscale their work in order to achieve these timescales.  There is fear this will mean more children in care and additional costs.  To make this achievable a new enquiry team have been set up to filter out lower level cases with timescales of 2 – 3 days and a domestic abuse sergeant is also going to be joining MASH.

There are currently 3 Serious Case Review in place.

A new training programme has been launched on LSCB website.

Next meeting 11th July 2017