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Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Report from Solihull Together Board – 27 Apr 17

Meeting Name: Solihull Together Board (STB)

Date of Meeting: 27th April 2017

Key Points of Wider Interest Discussed:  

Next steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View

The NHS Five Year Forward View was published in 2014 and set out why improvements were needed.  The Next Steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View summarises progress in improving care plus it outlines ambitions for the future with a focus on delivery and implementation. It seeks to strike a balance between realism about the challenges facing the NHS today and promised to improve care.  The focus is on urgent and emergency care, primary care, cancer, mental health and integrating care locally.  Promises include:

  • Delivering the four hours standard in all emergency departments during 2018
  • Providing extended access to general practice appointments in the evenings and weekends in all area of the county by March 2019
  • Introducing a new standard to give patients a definitive cancer diagnosis within 28 days after GP referral by 2020, and
  • Increasing the availability of psychological therapies and mental health services for children and young people

There is welcome recognition for the need to be clear about can and cannot be achieved within the funding made available by the government e.g. NHS England has decided to give lower priority to the target that patients waiting for less urgent diagnosis and treatment should be seen within 18 weeks

Solihull Accountable Care Partnership  

Jenny Wood, the DASS, presented on the concept of an Accountable Care Partnership for Solihull and the opportunities it provides.  Slides have been sent out to members of the VCSRG and to all the other organisations with an interest to seek feedback for the Solihull together Board as to what people think about a move towards a more place-based approach which has a strong chance of succeeding given the geography and size and a good history of joint working.  In summary, all organisations are supportive of the concept and a keenness to scope further the detail of what this wood look like.

Better Care Fund

The Solihull BCF for 16-17 received final assurance on 6thApril 2017.  The Policy framework for the new Integration and Better Care Fund 2017-19 was published on 3rd March 2017 but the technical guidance was still awaited. The key difference from the last guidance are:

  • A much greater focus on integration
  • It is a 2-year plan (as opposed to a one-year plan
  • It includes a new grant to LA’s
  • A reduction in the national must dos from 7 to 4.  

There needs to be clarity about the interface between BCF arrangements and other key governance arrangements and potential developments such as the BSOL STP governance, the Solihull CCG Turnaround Plan, the planned merger of the three CCG’s, the ambition for an Accountable Care Partnership etc.

Solihull Together 2017 Awards

The awards held on the 31st March 2017 at the Renewal Conference Centre were a great success with 102 nominations received (up from 54 in 2015), 46 finalists (up from 30 in 2015) and 300 attendees (up from 180).

Potential Follow Up Action/Discussion/Feedback Required:  

Feedback still required on first reactions to the Accountable Care Partnership approach from the VCS.  Do the Voluntary and Community Sector feel they have a role to play as one of the ‘partners’ in this approach?

Date of Next Meeting:  20th July 2017

Name and Contact No of Rep Completing:  Anne Hastings
Phone 07578169045 or email