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Thursday, August 31st, 2017

ReCOM Tablet Classes


This course offers an introduction to using your own Tablet and getting online. Along with setting up and personalising your Tablet, this course will give you the knowledge and practice to use your Tablet confidently and independently.

What you will learn?

By the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Navigate around your tablet
  • Use the internet to search for information
  • Use email to send and receive messages
  • Install and uninstall apps
  • There will also be an opportunity to agree with the Tutor and Group other areas of learning that are of particular interest to you.

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is aimed at people with no or limited experience in using Tablets, who want to learn the basic elements of using their own Tablet and getting online.

What are the entry requirements? (If applicable)

There are no formal entry requirements for this course. This course is particularly suitable for people with limited or no experience in using Tablets or for those who are self taught and would like to develop their understanding further.

How is it taught?

Your learning will take place in a supportive and encouraging environment; working with the tutor, volunteer IT Buddies and other students to learn how to use your Tablet. There will be some group work and discussions that take place and independent practice.  Students often support each other; this is a positive way of reinforcing what you have learnt.

Who are the tutors?

ReCOM Tutors are all fully qualified and experienced in working with all levels of ability, they are all keen to support your personal development and learning in a positive and supportive way.

Where does it run? 

The course is 6 weeks, 1.5 hours per week.  We offer this course in Shirley and Chelmsley Wood Libraries.

Is there a cost?

This course is £37.50 payable in advance.

You will need to bring a notebook and pen and your Tablet, fully charged.

How can you apply?

For more information please contact the office on 0121 663 0335.


Download a flyer for the Tablet Classes (pdf file).

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