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Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

An Example to Us All

SoLO - Walnut CloseI had the privilege on Wednesday night to attend the official opening of the new extension at SoLO’s Walnut Close premises and the launch of its new Supported Living programme.

This represents an exciting new stage in SoLO’s exemplary work in Solihull and the culmination of an ambitious and testing period of planning and development.

But the mood of achievement and celebration and of new opportunity was palpable. All of we outsiders who were there, including our Mayor, were impressed.

It underlines, though, what, with the oversight of a well rounded and far sighted Trustee Board and an energetic and determined management team, a small charity can achieve for the benefit of those in our borough who need a helping hand.

What SoLO has pulled off provides inspiration and example to all of us in our community sector and invites us all to be clear in our vision and focused in our goals then, with sound leadership, we can be in a position to make a huge difference.