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Thursday, November 9th, 2017

Safer Solihull board meeting report – 28 Sep 17

Meeting Name: Safer Solihull Board
Date of Meeting: 28th September 2017
Representative: Nasheima Sheikh

Key Points of Wider Interest Discussed:  

Performance update:

Total Recorded Crime stabilised this quarter after 3 successive quarterly increases since Q1 2016/17.

Quarter 1 of 2017/18 showed 3733 offences, a very small increase since the previous quarter but a 28% increase since the same quarter period last year from 2914 crimes.

Initial analysis of Quarter 2 data (2017) confirms that total recorded crime has stabilised and is indeed now showing a small reduction (approx. 3 or 4%).

Solihull has the third lowest crime rate per thousand population with 18.2 crimes per ‘000 population compared with the West Midlands Force average of 20 per ‘000.  Only Coventry and Dudley have lower overall crime rates.

Chelmsley Wood, St Alphage and Kingshurst & Fordbridge wards are the top three neighbourhoods for total recorded crime accounting for 36% of all crime in Solihull.

Theft from Shop/Stall and theft form motor vehicle remain the top 2 offences across Solihull and have been consistently reducing since March with the last five months being below recent average.

Burglary is the third highest offence – combined these 3 offence types account for 30% of all crime in Solihull.

Both residential burglary and burglary (business and community) have reduced significantly since quarter 4 (2017) showing a reduction of 28%.  

Theft from motor vehicle has seen a 15% reduction and criminal damage to vehicle a 19% reduction.  Theft of motor vehicle has seen an increase of 46 offences (25% increase).

A major issue in the theft of motor vehicle is the increase in keyless thefts from Ford vehicles.  The Police & Crime Commissioners office are taking this up with Ford as although they have managed to equip new car’s with technology to stop this happening they have not recalled older vehicles.  The Board discussed how this message can be put out without alarming people and it was felt that direct contact could be made with those concerned and it was agreed that West Midlands Police can pick this up through Partnership Tasking.

75 motorcycles were also stolen during the quarter mainly in the Solihull town centre and south side of the borough

Both violence with and without injury recorded increases of approximately 15% since quarter 4.

There has been a slight reduction in domestic violence with the highest number of incidents from Chelmsley Wood.

The number of Road Traffic Collisions in quarter 1 was 46, including 1 fatal collision.  The total has however decreased significantly since quarter 4 (72) and also since quarter 1 for the last financial year 2016/17 (66 collisions).

Taking into account that at the time of the Board meeting quarter 2 had not finished, initial analysis shows a reduction in total recorded crime of approximately 3 or 4% with 13 neighbourhoods recording a reduction and 6 an increase.

Hate Crime incidents saw an increase (after the Manchester bombing).  

Public Meeting held at Kingshurst

This public meeting was held in Kingshurst in response to a number of incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour in the area.  A number of issues were raised in the following priorities:

  • Crime & ASB
  • communication between agencies and the residents
  • The environment
  • Housing & accessibility
  • Community assets
  • Leisure activity and facilities

It was noted by the Board that the figures do not appear to match perception of residents, it was also noted that from a seasonality perspective burglaries do increase at this time of year, however in response to the community concerns the Board felt that a youth provision such a boxing could be implemented to engage young people in the area which has previously worked well.  It was also felt that a ‘Big Society’ approach working with Parish Councillors to empower them and residents to become active citizens in their community would be beneficial in addressing the concerns of the community

Police and Crime Commissioner to set up Regional West Midlands Community Safety Partnership that will have representation from each of the seven CSP’s in the region.  This will have budgetary implications in the long term – but some priorities will be set and addressed at regional level such as commissioning Domestic Homicide Reviews and Youth offending.

Name and Contact No of Rep Completing:  Nasheima Sheikh