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Thursday, December 21st, 2017

Not Getting Outdoors

Snow on TreeHow did you get on when the snow came?

Personally, I chose not to venture outdoors on the Sunday when it the fall did not seem to stop at all during daylight hours, even sacrificing my Sunday paper in favour of the online version. Then, as darkness loomed, it took two of us almost an hour of shovelling to shift enough snow to get two cars out for work on Monday.

It felt somewhat inconvenient until  remembering that some folk are housebound permanently. Snow or not, it makes no difference to their lives, they cannot get out in any weathers and are perpetually reliant on others. In some cases,  they have friends and relatives to call, in others they are at the mercy of care provider personnel, some of whom can be wonderfully caring, more, regrettably, much less so.

So, let us think of those confined behind their front doors, particularly, but not only, at the Christmas season. If we know somebody stuck at home, let us call in with some good cheer.

And, meanwhile:

Merry Christmas